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Art2Silk Models

1 Colour Press - For single colour prints onto both fabric or paper products.  T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tote bags,paper bags, nylon bags, board & card, plus produce transfers.  Our Art2Silkscreen one colour printing press has the unique feature of a registration gate for accuracy and precision on every print.  A3 Printing board included.  In stock for immediate despatch.

TITAN - A space saving carousel for printing up to 4 colours, with micro registration it also rotates like a dream.  Print four colour designs using our best selling Art2Silkscreen tabletop Titan carousel.  Complete with A3 printing board.  Snap off adjustment, Micro Registration.

ORION - One of the most recognizable and popular choice.  Proven strength, consistency, quality and robust.  Print four colour designs on four stations on this floor standing carousel.  Ideal for high production printing, complete with four A3 printing boards.  Micro Registration.  Want to come and view this carousel?  Contact us for a viewing.  

PEGASUS - The bravest wings fly high with the Pegasus.  True god of the work horse carousels.  Print six colour designs on six stations on the Pegasus floor standing carousel.  Ideal for high production printing, complete with six aluminium printing boards.  Micro Registration.  Machined to the highest quality.
Titan Printing Arm (Upgrade)
£94.80 (inc VAT)
£156.00 (inc VAT)
In Stock for Immediate Despatch
£498.00 (inc VAT)
4/1 (4 COLOUR 1 STATION) Tabletop with Micro Registration.
£1,872.00 (inc VAT)
4/4 (4 COLOUR 4 STATION) FloorStanding with Micro Registration. Aluminium Platens
£2,580.00 (inc VAT)
6/6 (6 COLOUR 6 STATION) Floor Standing with Micro Registration. Aluminium Printing Boards