The Benefits of Using Ink Additives
Naturally, while ink additives aren’t an essential tool in the screen printing process, they can be enormously beneficial and give your garments that much needed flair. 
5 Unusual Items You Can Silkscreen Print Onto
This can include anything from t-shirts to tea cosies. As long as whatever you’re printing on is made of the right material, there’s no reason you cannot use it for screen printing.
The Importance of Choosing the Right Mesh Count
But how do you choose the right mesh? How would you even know which one is right for you?
Spotlight On: Screen Printing Exposure Units
It’s easy to understand why; they cut the screen printing process down significantly and make for more efficient production time. But what else do they offer in terms of the screen printing process? More importantly, why should you invest in one? ...
Aluminium Screens - All You Need To Know
In silkscreen printing, there are different choices you can make to print the ideal design onto your garment. One of these choices is whether to use a screen with an aluminium frame as opposed to a wooden one.