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Stencil Strip - 1 Litre

New Concentrated Formula is an environmentally safe and ecologically friendly organic emulsion stripper that is made using a natural iodine-based mineral salt.
It quickly removes all stencil emulsions and capillary films and can be diluted up to 1:10 with water

Degreaser - 1 Litre

Natural Citrus-based degreaser safely removes dust, prevents pinholes, oils and other residues from screen mesh allowing consistantly clean and durable stencil coatings.
No Phosphates present.

Use this after you have used other chemicals such as screenwashes/stencil strip/ghost haze removers on your screen to ensure your next stencil coat is not effected.

Can be dilute 1:10 with water

Ghost Buster Remover - 1 Litre

The most powerful aggressive haze Remover on the UK market.

A corrosive cleaning agent developed for the textile industry for screens.
High maximum strength.  Caustic so please follow appropriate health and safety guidelines.

Will remove tough harsh ghosting and emulsion residue on the screen. Also recommended for removing Rhino screen films from your screens.

Directions for use: Use straight for maximum strength. Apply the product on the
surface with a chemical cleaning brush on both sides of the screen using a hard bristle brush in a circular motion, then remove it after 5 minutes using a strong high pressure washer (165 barr) blast the screen.  Wear suitable protective goggles and gloves.

WARNING: This is not a friendly chemcial and is for industrial use only, DO NOT allow contact with eyes or skin.  This Ghost buster contains Potassium hydroxide, Sodium  Hydroxide, Xychlohexinone.

Screenwash High Strength - 1 litre

A very high Strength screenwash, 
 high odour cleaning liquid. 
This is the best screenwash for removind plastisol and other solvent based inks with ease.
Ideal for outdoor use or well ventilated environment due to its strong odour. 
Removes the toughest plastisol, solvent and waterbased inks and aids the removal of ghosting.
This is the recommended product for ink removal where speed and efficiency is required.

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