Emulsions & Fillers

Whether you are printing onto textiles, paper, plastic, metal or any other substrate, it is important to select the correct emulsion for your screen printing requirements. 

Here is a guide to help you:

One Coat  Emulsion for Plastisol & Waterbased Inks:  This emulsion is now both water and plastisol resistant and is ideal for shorter print runs (using Art2Silkscreen Inks approx 500 garments) using waterbased and plastisol inks.

Hybrid+ Emulsion - This emulsion is suitable for Halftone/Finer details Designs when printing with Waterbased, Plastisol & Hybrid inks.

Saatigraf HS3 Emulsion - This emulsion is suitable for Halftone/Finer detailed designs when printing with waterbased, plastisol, solvent, UV and discharge inks.  Longer Print Runs and outstanding durability.

SAATI PHU 2 Emulsion - Saatitex 1 - Part Photopolymer Emulsion.  Outstanding resistance to aggressive water and plastisol and discharge inks.  Extreme durability; withstands long print runs.  Excellent print definition on any mesh.  45% solids content.  Exposes two times faster than a diazo or dual-cure emulsion.  Also suitable for DLE (diodes) exposure.

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Emulsions & Fillers
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