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Evolution Pro Floor Standing Carousel

Evolution Pro Floor Standing Carousels

The Ultimate Screen Printing Evolution Carousel designed engineered and built by screen printers for screen printers.  Achieve professional multi colour designs on this carousel which has a built in micro joystick lever on each print arm for precision and accurate registration. A must for the longer print runs where a speed base carousel (bottom and top section spins) is required for maximum production.

The Evolution Pro Carousel is the only carousel in the UK that can start as small as a 2 colour, single station tabletop carousel and then be fully upgraded to a 6 colour 6 station floor standing speedbase carousel later on.
All-heads down. This function allows more than one print head to be lowered and locked into a platen at the same time; All print stations have arm supports providing the ability for two or more people to print shirts at the same time without any flexing.  The option to put multiple or all of a machines heads down will cost more on other carousels, so be sure that art2screenprint will add benefits to your business.

Levelling feature allows the press to be levelled out on an uneven floor, to stop ‘teeter-tottering’, and can also be used to raise the machine about four inches for taller employees.  A unique feature.
An initial two-colour press investment to turn into a six-colour machine later using an upgrade kit is possible. Though it’s cheaper to buy the six-colour machine outright, this option provides a good upgrade path for cash-strapped garment decorators.  Or ideal for printers planning on expanding their business.

Screen levelling knobs. Most other manual presses need screen-levelling adjustments to be made with a knob screw. Without such a knob, a wrench to undo a screw or bolt is required. Our feature, also known as tools-free adjustment, allows press operators to move a screen left, right, forward, back, and up and down. The Evolution press allow for micro registration, meaning you can move your screen in a precise, predictable manner. In other words, when the knob is turned a quarter turn, the screen will always move the same amount. The evolution press has the advanced joy stick micro registration system.

Off-Contact (distance between the platen and screen) located on the platen arm, where the travel of the screen is limited when it is lowered to a printing position. The alternative is to move the print head up and down within itself, meaning the adjustment is on top. The Evolution press has both.

Speed table.  This feature refers to the carousel that spins the platens. The Evolution floor-model presses have speed tables that allow operators to load all the shirts at once, and then print, spin, print, spin.

Squeegee rest stops. The Evolution presses provide a special lift angle spot to park squeegees, so the screen can be lifted without the squeegee falling into the ink.

Art2screenprint supplies a range of press attachments and accessories, vacuum tables, and different platen sizes for infants, youth, oversize and sleeves.

Price becomes the main shopping consideration, which often leads to a decision that one comes to regret when the necessity to eventually spend more to get commercial quality arises (and it usually does) The Evolution 6 colour 6 station all heads down, speed base presses are at affordable prices with all the high specs of all the top line premium presses, a great carousel for decorators getting started.

Some common limitations on less-expensive units offered include fewer options in platen sizes or configurations, longer set-up time due to less precise registration and some may not have as many levelling options as you would find on our higher-end manual Evolution press.

The Evolution floor standing base has adjustable height legs, once set at the correct height this saves on fatigue on long print runs.  Ideal for schools and colleges, print clubs and groups where individuals vary in height.  Height adjustment can be set between 29-36 inches of the floor.

All printing arms and base arm supports are pre-set before dispatch.

•           Watch this video to see how the micro registration lever system works on each print head:
•           Watch this video to see how to use the Evolution Pro+ carousel: