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Glow In The Dark Ink

Glow in the dark waterbased inks, available in the following glow shades:
  • Green Glow
  • Blue Glow
  • Purple Glow
  • Aqua Blue Glow 
Print through coarse meshes (lower mesh counts).
Glow in the dark screen printing ink absorbs light and then will glow when in a dark area.
Become creative and create some designs that really 'stand out'.  Ideal for printing onto nightclub and restaurant t-shirts and of course Halloween.
Glow-in-the-dark inks usually emit a yellowish/greenish glow, however we have more shades for you to choose from! They can however be tinted with ink or pigments but you have to be careful when doing so because the maximum recommended amount of ink or pigment to be added is only 5%.