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ORION 4/4 Floor Standing Gold Business Package

Our Gold business package range is the Ultimate setup, which includes everything to complete your screen print workshop.  Also included in this package is a free delivery and installation at your location.
Orion carousel is one of the most recognizable popular models, not only due to its affordability but also its strength, accuracy and reliability.  The Orion 4 Colour 4 Station Manual Floor Standing Carousel maximizes production levels in every print room.  A quality, robust carousel built to last and tackle every job it undertakes.  This carousel has proven its strength, consistency and endurance in many printing workshops and makes up the perfect business package when combined with the following setup.
  • Perfect Business Setup Package
  • Superior Print Quality
  • Keep Costs Low
  • Sturdy & Rigid achieve consistent prints where registration is crucial.
  • High Quality Bearings that lock print heads in place.
  • Small Footprint – Allows for smaller spaces, workshops, garages, home - setups.
  • Included in this package is a floor standing flash dryer for fast production.
  • Manual Multi Station Carousel
  • Dimensions: (L*W*H): 2270*2270*1050mm
  • Weight 120 kg
  • Printing Surface: Flat
  • Average Printing Speed: 500pcs/Hour
  • Maximum print size: (L*W): 400*500mm
  • Print Height: 5mm
  • Maximum Frame Size: 500*600mm 
  • Printing Boards A3 x 4 High Density Fiber Board
  • Print onto a variety of products: T - shirts, Clothing, Fabrics, Towel, Leather , bags, backpacks, card, paper, wood and other flat products
  • The printing base can be rotated and the screen plate can turn backwards and forwards, left and right, which makes operation easier and positioning more accurate.
  • Frames can be accurately set to the correct position by turning screws on the print head micro adjustment.
  • Head comes assembled ready to attach to the base.
  • Location lock that helps lock the arm in place whilst in the printing position.
  • All tubular steel construction.
  • Adjustable screen tension hold down.
Package Includes:
  • Orion 4 Colour 4 station Carousel with A3 platen boards
  • 4 x A4 Printing platen boards
  • 4 x sleeve printing boards
  • 4 x tote bag printing boards
  • 4 x XL All Over Printing boards
  • 1 x UV Vacuum Combi Exposure Unit 25" x 35"
  • 1 x Washout Booth
  • 1 x Dip Tank
  • 1 X Tunnel Dryer
  • 1 x Flash Dryer
  • 1 x Heat Press 40x50cm
  • 1 x Infrared Digital Laser Thermometer
  • 1 x Epson Stylus 1500w Printer A3
  • 1 x Nakin Colour Separation Software
  • 20x Aluminium Screens 43T 20x24” (you choose mesh counts)
  • 20x Aluminium Screens 43T 16"X20" (you can choose mesh counts)
  • 20x Aluminium Screens 43T 23"X31" (You can choose mesh counts)
  •  1 x 380mm Aluminium Coating Trough with ends
  •  1 x 330mm Aluminium Coating Trough with ends
  •  1 x 225mm Aluminium Coating Torugh with ends
  •  1 x 480mm Aluminium Coating Trough with ends
  •  4 x 380mm Aluminium Squeegee with blade
  •  4 x 480mm Aluminium Squeegee with blade
  •  4 x 225mm Aluminium Squeegee with blade
  •  4 x 330mm Aluminium Squeegee with blade
  •  200 x A3 (or A4 - You decide) Cear Transparency Film for making your film positives
  •  100 x A3 Sheets of Transfer Paper (create plastisol, waterbased or Hybrid Ink transfers)
  •  500ml Transfer Adhesive Powder
  •  12 Rolls of masking tape
  •  12 x Quality Wooden Spatulas with Stainless Steel Blade.
  •  3 x 5 Kilos of 2-Part Emulsion
  •  5 x 5 Litre of Ink (please let us know whether you would like Waterbased, Plastisol or  Hybrid Ink).
Opaque White
Cleaning Products:
  • 5 Litre Concentrated Stencil Strip
  • 5 Litre Concentrated Degreaser
  • 5 Litre High Strength Screenwash
  • 5 Litre Max Strength Ghost Remover
  • 6 Cans of Spray Adhesive
FREE Delivery to mainland UK Destinations. 

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