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Intro2Pro Carousels

4 Colour 4 Station Floor Standing Screen Printing Machine

Ideal Start Up Carousel

Superior Print Quality

Keep Costs Low

Sturdy & Rigid achieve consistent prints where registration is crucial.

High Quality Bearings that lock print heads in place.

Small Footprint Allows for smaller spaces, workshops, garages, home- setups.

Use in conjunction with a floor standing flash dryer for fast production.

Brand New

Manual Carousel

Dimensions: (L*W*H): 2270*2270*1050mm

Weight 120 kg

Printing Surface: Flat

Average Printing Speed: 500pcs/Hour

Maximum print size: (L*W): 400*500mm

Print Height: 5mm

Maximum Frame Size: 500*600mm

Printing Boards A3 x 4 High Density FiberBoard

Print onto a variety of products: T-shirts, Clothing, Fabrics, Towel, Leather, bags, backpacks,

card, paper, wood and other flat products

The printing base can be rotated and the screen plate can turn backwards and forwards, left

and right, which makes operation easier and positioning more accurate.

Frames can be accurately set to the correct position by turning screws on the print head

micro adjustment.

Head comes assembled ready to attach to the base.

Location lock that helps lock the arm in place whilst in the printing position.

All tubular steel construction.

Adjustable screen tension hold down.

Example of 8 colour 8 station floor standing carousel with micro heads (Same Construction as our

4/4 and 6/6 Intro2Pro Floor Standing Carousels.