Welcome to Art2Silkscreen Screen Printing Kit range to suit all levels of screen printing ability, from the beginner to those with experience you can find what you need here.  We can tailor our kits to your requirements, swapping ink types, mesh counts, selecting the right printing equipment to suit print size.  If you need some advice, let us know what you are printing and we can assist in helping you decide what you need.

HOBBY KITS - For the home user, create stencils either by hand cut or using a uv table lamp.  For those on a limited budget.

TABLETOP KITS - Produce 1 to 4 colour designs on either our TITAN or EVO range of tabletop carousel kits.  All carousels have micro registration.

FLOOR STANDING KITS - Produce up to 6 colours on up to 6 stations with our floor standing kits. Choose from our 4/4 ORION and 6/6 PEGASUS range.

BUSINESS PACKAGES - You won't find a bigger or better package anywhere else.  Produce up to 6 colours on 6 stations on one of our business packages.  Training is included in both our Silver and Gold packages, optional training can be added to our Bronze packages to help assist you in setting up and learning how to screen print.  For the professional printer looking to start up or expand their existing business.