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8 Colour 8 Station Floor Standing Carousel

Aluminium Printing Platens & Micro Registration

This newer model represents the ultimate production level and accuracy when printing.

Print up to 8 Colours on 8 stations for maximum production

Micro Registration on every print head- Forward/Backwards/Left/Right/Diagonal

Adult Sized Aluminium Printing Boards

Adjustable Bracketts

Sturdy, robust and accurate

Adjustable Springs to accomodate various screen weights

Adjustable Head tilt, for screen alignment, to ensure screen sits completely flat.

Registration Gate on each station for accuracy.

Adjustable 'snap-off' / 'off contact' on every station

Locking Levers on each clamp head for precision and ease of use.

Adjustable height for uneven floors.

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OCTO (8/8) 8 COLOUR 8 STATION Floor Standing Micro Registration