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ORION - 4/4 Floor Standing Carousel

One of the most recognizable popular models, not only due to its affordability but also its strength, accuracy and reliability.  The Orion 4 Colour 4 Station Manual Floor Standing Carousel maximizes production levels in every print room.  A quality, robust carousel built to last and tackle every job it undertakes.  Whether you are upgrading from a tabletop carousel or not quite ready for the 6/6 (Pegasus), this carousel has proven its strength, consistency and endurance in many printing workshops.

  • Ideal Start Up Carousel
  • Superior Print Quality
  • Keep Costs Low
  • Sturdy & Rigid achieve consistent prints where registration is crucial.
  • High Quality Bearings that lock print heads in place.
  • Small Footprint Allows for smaller spaces, workshops, garages, home - setups.
  • Use in conjunction with a floor standing flash dryer for fast production.
  • Manual Carousel
  • Dimensions: (L*W*H): 2270*2270*1050mm
  • Weight 120 kg
  • Printing Surface: Flat
  • Average Printing Speed: 500pcs/Hour
  • Maximum print size: (L*W): 400*500mm
  • Print Height: 5mm
  • Maximum Frame Size: 500*600mm 
  • Aluminium Platens A3 x 4, Highest Quality, Robust, Will never burn or warp like wooden boards!
  • Print onto a variety of products: T - shirts, Clothing, Fabrics, Towel, Leather , bags, backpacks, card, paper, wood and other flat products
  • The printing base can be rotated and the screen plate can turn backwards and forwards, left and right, which makes operation easier and positioning more accurate.
  • Frames can be accurately set to the correct position by turning screws on the print head micro adjustment.
  • Head comes assembled ready to attach to the base.
  • Location lock that helps lock the arm in place whilst in the printing position.
  • All tubular steel construction.
  • Adjustable screen tension hold down.

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ORION (4/4) 4 COLOUR 4 STATION Floor Standing Micro Registration