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Manufactured and certified in the UK 


  • Fully cures textiles and other ink types that require a long tunnel with infrared heaters
  • Reliable & Efficient
  • Guarantees a fully cured print whether it be Plastisol, Waterbased or DTG
  • Fully Insulated Tunnel for efficiency.  Fire-retardent insulation along both sides of the tunnel and across the hood, to ensure the heat stays inside the dryer.  The ovens outer surface remains cool even at 250°C
  • Long Tunnel - The longer the garment stays in the oven at a controlled temperature the more accurate the cure.  Short 'mini' tunnels can cause cracking and less elasticity in the print.
  • Speed Controller - To control the belt speed so that each print gets an equal amount of time through the tunnel
  • Computerised Inverter - Speed and temperature controller is faultless, specifically designed for our dryers.  The inverter controls both the speed and temperature, making this the most efficient dryer on the market of its size.
  • Heavy duty motor and gear box - Designed for industrial 'work horse' conveyors.
  • Runs off a domestic energy supply. 220V, 26amp Socket, wired directly into the mains.
  • Adjustable belt trackers
  • Long wave ceramic infrared heating elements (20yrs working life expectancy)
  • Adjustable height elements for printing a variety of garment sizes.
  • Dual digital temperature display & controller for accuracy, Max temp 250°C - The dryer is locked to reach up to this temp for safety, the elements can reach 400°C if required.
  • Manual Speed controller from 10-50rpm (lower speeds are excellent for inks which take longer to cure e.g metallics, waterbased, all over prints, puffers, glitters.
  • Smooth variable speed DC conveyor motor, 0-2 metres per minute.
  • Adjustable front and rear sliding oven doors to retain the oven heat.  Allowing for rapid heat build up inside the dryer, economically efficient.
  • Open weave PTFE coated glass fibre conveyor belt - The coating is carbon loaded to avoid static electricity build up.
  • Oven flu to prevent build up of standard vapour in the oven.
  • Has removable legs for transporation.
  • Isolator safety switch.
  • On and off switch power to thermostat
  • On and off switch power to belt
  • On castors for easy mobility
  • Plug & Cable supplied - 3 Metres.

Single Phase. 240 volts.  6.1kw (when all sections are on).  26 amp 3-pin plug.
Will work off a cooker mains 30amp.
Overall Tunnel:  2 metre length
Opening Width: 25.5 inches
In feed: 23 inches
Out feed: 13 inches
Belt Width: 24 inches
Overall length of dryer: 2.9 metres
Overall Width: 33 inches
Height: 45 inches (excl. extractor)
Ceramic infrared heating elements that cover 24 inch width,   Length: 80 Inches.

Four Heating Sections  Each at 1.5 KW, Each section can be switched off or on for tailored economic use.

The Poly 6.1 tunnel dryer can cure 360 t-shirts A3 plastisol and waterbased prints per hour (t-shirts printed through higher mesh counts) as these shirts only require 20 second curing time. Heavier deposits of ink e.g. white on black garments through lower mesh counts, the dryer will fully cure 200 t-shirts per hour A3 size. Waterbased prints A3 size can be fully cured in one pass with the heating elements and speed of belt is set at the correct setting.  180 A3 large DTG prints per hour.

Delivery - Please email for delivery quotation. Buyer must have a 31 amp 3 pin-plug installed prior to delivery

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