Hinge Clamps - Pair

Hinge Clamps - Pair

Hinge Clamps - Pair


£12.60 inc. VAT


DIY Home Screen Printing Hinge Clamps / Jiffy Clamps

Great for building your own home screen print set up - ideal as a hobby and a handy facility for any designer or artist to have in their home or workshop

Screw directly onto a desk or work surface, or create a pack-away print station by attaching to a portable base

Heavy duty durable alluminium  clamps  zink plated  ,that will hold any frame wooden or alluminium  in place for you, time and again.

Clamp surface is 60mm wide, and will securely hold a frame depth of min: 12mm and max: 45mm

Counter sunk screw holes 6mm diameter and 30mm apart (centres)

Opens up to 90 degrees

Please note that the price is for two clamps (one pair)


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