Saatigraf HS3 Dual Cure Emulsion

Saatigraf HS3 Emulsion is an easy to coat 2-Part Emulsion (emulsion & sensitizer).

  • 2-Part dual-cure emulsion suitable to print uv-cured, solvent-based and some waterbased inks.
  • Blue colour, green when sensitized.
  • Solid content 37%.
  • Particularly competitive in comparison to other products available on the market.
  • Excellent print definition and superior resolution on any mesh.
  • Very high solvent, water and environmental moisture resistance.
  • Easy to reclaim
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Great emulsion, so easy to use

Great emulsion, we used to use amex sol Q but this is definitely easier to work with.

We expose for 2m 30s from 55/61 and then reduce for higher.

Quick hit with water and let it sit for 1 min then it just falls out under the hose.

And cleaning it off is easy as anything, wipe it both sides with a brush let it sit a few minutes until you see it coming off, then blast with power hose and it's done. I spend 5-10mins per screen and that includes getting ink off. Fantastic product we havent looked elsewhere since. Breakdowns are rare, generally get to 2-3k prints before breakdowns look like starting, and even then it's small and can be taped up for another 500-1k prints.

Jonny Clarke | Crumlin | July 2020

Excellent emulsion

50 watt UV floodlight

10 inches away

6mins 30secs for 110 mesh

Rinse for a minute

Wash out with a garden hose spray setting

Dry with a heated fan

Pressure wash for fine detail & ghosting residue for a minute and dry screen

Sid Truelove | London | January 2021

Excellent product

I have used a couple of emulsions now and nearly gave up printing because the difference in burn (Exposure) times are all over the place depending on what screen, how many coats. This was my second choice and I will never change again after getting a perfect burn at 240secs with a 50 LED UV lamp and a 500 watt grow light with a full spectrum of light. My issue before was not enough light.

This emulsion if dried immediately after washing will dry rock hard and if needed a blast with a pressure washer with clear the fine detail without losing halftone dots.

Excellent product 10/10 for further info

Sid Truelove | London | February 2021

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