Pre-Coated Screens

Pre-Coated Screens

View our whole range our pre-coated screens for silkscreen printing

Pre-coated Screens for less Exposure Time

Ready to expose pre-coated silk screens.

Choose your size frame and mesh count required.


Expose using either of the following light sources: Sunlight / UV Exposure Units / LED Exposure Units.

Choose your mesh count required by selecting from the drop-down menu in the listings.

Pre-coated with Sunlight emulsion, specially formulated to expose in sunlight.  Ready for you to expose your design/artwork onto the mesh. 

Exposure Time Guideline:

Blue  = 10 minutes Exposure (using sunlight or LED exposure unit)

Green = 4 minutes  Exposure (using sunlight or LED exposure unit)

For other light sources, exposure times may vary.

No need for coating troughs, emulsions, chemicals, just sunlight (or UV/LED light source) and tap water.

Our Sunlight coated screens can be stored up to 4 months un-opened from its UV protected bag.

Further information on this product, can be found at Sunlight Stencils: HERE

Precoated Aluminium Screen 16"x20"


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Precoated Aluminium Screen 20"x24"


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Precoated Aluminium Screen 23"x31"


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