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Product Description

Titan is a sturdy and robust yet space saving, practical carousel with micro registration. With it's large centre bearing and shaft it rotates like a dream to send you into orbit!

Includes and A3 Size printing board with bracket.  Robust and Solid, with Micro Registration.

Description / Features / Specifications:
  •  Carousel will be sent pre-assemble to Mainland UK Destinations.  It will be sent disassembled if shipping to international countries.
  •  Holds screen size up to 23" x 31" when all screens are in place.
  •  Large centre bearing and shaft for stability and accuracy.
  •  Rotating Screen Clamps for accurate registration
  •  Each arm has off contact adjuster.
  •  A3 Adjustable screen printing board.
  •  Mild steel box tubing base, powder coated.
  •  Adjustable Registration Gate for accurate registering 4 colour prints

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TITAN (4/1) 4 COLOUR 1 STATION Tabletop Micro Registration