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Step 1: Degreasing Your Screen

The crucial first step in any art silkscreen printing project. Find out the proper process of degreasing your screen in our first video tutorial. 

Step 2: Coating the Screen with Emulsion

Next up, coating your screen with emulsion, another important step in the silkscreen printing process. Click to watch our video on the next stage.


ASPA-Certified Video Tutorials

We are proud certified members of the American Screen Printing Association and they're here to help answer your questions with professional online tutorials.

Step 3: Exposing Your Image

Now to expose the image... Follow Nikki as she demonstrates how to make your design printable onto your desired fabric. Click the thumbnail to watch!

Step 5: Printing Your Image

This is the fun (and slightly messy!) part. Follow Nikki as she demonstrates how to print your design onto your chosen garment. Click the thumbnail to watch!

Step 7: Cleaning Plastisol Ink Off the Screen

Once you're finished printing with your screen, it's now time to clear off all the plastisol ink. Watch Nikki as she demonstrates the best cleaning method!

Step 4: Preparing Your Screen for Printing

Finally, you can prepare your screen for the most exciting step - printing! Watch as Nikki shows you how to do just that. Click the thumbnail to watch the video!

Step 6: Drying & Curing Your Design

Now to dry and cure your design onto your chosen garment. This is a pretty short stage of the process but still a necessary one all the same!

Step 8: Reclaiming the Screen

Now you've finished printing, it's time to clean your screen back to how it was before step 1! Watch Nikki as she washes her screen of emulsion.