Water Based Ink For Screen Printing

If you’re looking to step into the screen printing game, it’s integral that you’ve got every piece of equipment that you need to make the process work well. Our vast selection of water based ink for screen printing comes in a spectrum colours, types, styles and more to befit your every need.

At Art 2 Silk Screen Printing we’re established as a leading online store for all things screen printing. Whether you’ve had the pleasure of screen printing before or this is your first venture into the addictive style of printing, you can be sure of finding all the ink, screens, drying equipment and tables that you need.

Our water based ink for screen printing provides you with a huge amount of options that will give you unique results every time. Whether you’re looking to show off your screen printing with a ‘Glow in the Dark’ ink or you want to make your own shade by mixing two or more water based pigment inks, you’ll be able to find it at Art 2 Silk Screen Printing.

From opaque, glittery, metallic and ready-mixed inks to our range of water based ink accessories, put your faith in Art 2 Silk Screen Printing to provide everything you require.

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